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Kenwell lighting is specialised in design, production, and sales of lighting products. Our production facilities in the Far East create an extensive range of decorative, outdoor, and functional lighting. Kenwell lighting, strategically split between Europe and China, has the resources and manpower to combine the best of both worlds. Ensuring a consistent and profitable supply chain to our customers.


•   Very wide range of lighting products

•   Specialised in customised/OEM production

•   Own production in China

•   European communication and management

•   Direct selling from China

•   High quality, competitive pricing

•   Experienced quality control team


Product Categories

 Decorative Lighting
Functional Lighting
Outdoor Lighting

Options for


•   Customization

•   3D printing

•   LED


•   Upgrades

•   ECO-friendly design

•   Promotional items 


•   Exclusive items

•   High-end items

•   Tailor-made collections

•   Private label

•   Sustainable packaging solutions 


Contact Us

Kenwell Lighting

Keizersgracht 735 HS, 1017 DZ

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Tel: +31-20 5301450


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